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For schools we create fun and interactive courses for STEM and Business education in line with the British Curriculum. These courses are suitable for GCSE and College level students and is a great way to give them a good experience of Digital world and business to prepare them for real life experiences.


For employers we have corporate programs for women in leadership roles that can be tailored to the needs of your business. These include a mix of functional and soft skills including but not limited to these courses

  • Understanding the customer journey and experience
  • Defining strategy and the business model
  • Business Acumen and Finance
  • Effective change management practices
  • Leading high performing teams
  • Presentation and Communication Skills
  • How to lead and influence in the workplace
  • Personal Branding

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Building a profitable business does not have to be lonely, confusing and draining your resources. We learn and support entrepreneurs in a community where everyone is inspired to grow and create solutions that improve the world around us.

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