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Our Mission

To empower 100 women in 2020 with tools to develop their ideas and build a high performing business.​

Our Approach

We focus on building a support community of entrepreneurs that create sustainable brands and collaborate with others to grow businesses.

We do this by

  • providing growth support for startups and small businesses.
  • Creating content that inspires ideas and solutions​.
  • Offering programs and coaching to support entrepreneurs from their idea stage to launch, scaling and turning a profit.​
  • Offering discounted rates on programs and events to our members​.
  • Providing regular motivation and celebrating successes within our community​.
  • Leveraging mobile and online technology to provide flexibility of engagement within our community​.

About Us

Building a profitable business does not have to be lonely, confusing and draining your resources. We learn and support entrepreneurs in a community where everyone is inspired to grow and create solutions that improve the world around us.

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