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Are you savvy and experienced in an area of business that you can share with others? We would love to hear from you.

Our contributor program provides visibility for your content and an opportunity to join our partner program where you can participate in supporting business owners and get rewards.

Contact us for more details on partnership.

What we are looking for

If you would like to participate as a contributor, we are looking for unique and original ideas or business solutions written to encourage and inspire entrepreneurs.

Guidelines for Submission

You should back up your points with a mix of personal anecdotes, examples  and research, with links to your sources. Articles must not exceed 750 words original and exclusive to The Startup Gold. You cannot accept payment for mentioning a person or business in an article. If you have a business or financial relationship with any individuals or companies you mention, that must be disclosed in the article.

Responses and Feedback

If your article is accepted, it will likely require revision and an editor will work with you on requirements. We endeavor to respond with two weeks of submission. If you haven’t heard back during this time, it isn’t likely we will use your article, we apologise as we are unable to respond to each submission individually.

About Us

Building a profitable business does not have to be lonely, confusing and draining your resources. We learn and support entrepreneurs in a community where everyone is inspired to grow and create solutions that improve the world around us.

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