Smart Working – Be Active


Active people are energized to  think smart and work smart An active lifestyle increases your chances of a healthy life. When you make staying active part of your daily life, you’re energised, more alert, you do better at work and you become more confident. Many of us spend our days in the workplace sat in on meeting after meeting, hour after hour . Long periods of sitting is said to lead to an increased risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer. The World Health Organization even lists inactivity as the fourth biggest risk factor for global adult mortality, Here are [...]

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Smart Business – Ethics


What policies do you have in place to safe guard the safety of your business? Do you have measures in place to check you are operating with high ethical standards? Are you aware of the impact of poor ethics on your business? It sounds like a boring topic until your business gets slammed and profiled as running sub standard ethics. Business leaders in some countries may argue this isn’t a relevant topic for the environment in which they operate but it nonetheless sets a benchmark for the sort of company you run and even limits the extent to which International [...]

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7 Hacks to get prompt payments from customers


Continuous late or delayed payments can very easily bring a start up or small business to its knees. A healthy cashflow allows you make the investments you need to keep your business running so it is very important to have a firm hand on what you are spending on and just as importantly, what is coming in. Customers are key to this as most of your return will come from invoices you have sent out in return for goods and services they have procured from your business. It isn’t uncommon to find customers that wouldn’t bust [...]

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