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A business problem shared is a problem halved and then we solve it in our mastermind sessions

Growing your business no longer has to be lonely, confusing or draining your finances. The Startup Gold mastermind sessions are a judgment free zone where women (apologies lads) discuss the challenges they have with getting more income into their business and growing their revenue.

This means the masterminds are focused on one primary business target REVENUE GROWTH.

At The Startup Gold, we believe generating revenue and turning a high profit is the lifeblood of every high performing business., so we prioritise this as a topic in our masterminds.

How it works

  • Each mastermind is a close group consisting of a pod of women in the same stage of business.
  • We group pod members in similar sectors or industries to keep conversations meaningful to all.
  • All masterminds take place online on Zoom.
  • The dates are timings for each session are dependent on the size of a pod and availability of its members.
  • For more detail about the agenda and flow of each session please register your interest to receive more information

If you’re having problems completing the form on the link below contact us for a copy to be sent you by email.

We ask that you come prepared to be visible , interact, actively participate in the discussions and drive growth in your business.

One more thing before you go…….

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About Us

Building a profitable business does not have to be lonely, confusing and draining your resources. We learn and support entrepreneurs in a community where everyone is inspired to grow and create solutions that improve the world around us.

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