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Builders lab is a program focused on helping startup businesses gain confidence and skills to attract their ideal customer, convert them to fee paying clients and build customer loyalty.

Enrolment is currently closed but do subscribe to our newsletter and be one of the first to know when the enrolment for the next cohort reopens.

The lab is a three week program that operates virtually so there is flexibility to participate whether you are abroad or on the move. Each week, program participants are invited to a webinar and will receive introductory videos to topics that will be covered in detail each day of the week. Daily nuggets and worksheets are shared on focus areas so candidates have a growth plan and actionable steps following completion of the program

Starting 2020 BBL participants can request mentoring upon completion of the program. Link to a bookings page will be provided with program materials so participants can register the number of hours needed.


Week 1 – The Visionary Leader

Day 1 – How to translate your vision to reality

Day 2 – Social influencing & Maximising the effort of others

Day 3 – Achieving goals & Setting Standards

Day 4 – Building your personal brand

Day 5 – Introduction to your business brand

Week 2 – The Problem Solver

Day 1 – Understanding why your business exists

Day 2 – The value of your product or service

Day 3 – How to make your products stand out in the market

Day 4 – How to make your services stand out in the market

Day 5 – Using your product and services to build brand equity

Week 3 – The Hero

Day 1 – Identifying your ideal customer

Day 2 – How to position your business offering in front of your ideal customer

Day 3 – Understanding customer buying behaviour and the buyer decision process

Day 4 – Copywriting & How to communicate your product and service like a Pro

Day 5 – Lead Magnets & Wrap Up

Get your business ready for an awesome performance this year. It costs you only an hour of your time everyday at an unbelievable price.

Stop getting in your own way, sign up now and join other winning women in making your business absolutely lit this year.

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