Podcasts have been around since the early 2000s and are now starting to gain more popularity in the UK. From large stream media companies like Sky news and The Financial Times to growing brands like The Startup Gold, businesses are using podcasts as a way to reach their ideal audience.

With over 900,000 podcasts currently streaming according to Podcast Insights. There are many options across various genres for business owners to use podcasting as a platform to spread their brand message and get more customers.

If you are looking to get your product in front of your ideal customers, podcasting certainly is a good way to go. .

Here are some things to consider as you look to gain more customers by guesting on a podcast.


Ultimately you want to connect with people that your brand message will resonate with. If your business provides beauty products for instance, you are very likely to get little out of sharing this type of content on a body building fitness podcast for men.

So when deciding which podcast to guest on, think about the listeners and what they might get out of your message. You can ask the podcast host to share their podcast listener stats with you. Be mindful though that some hosts find this offensive. You can also listen to previous episodes of the podcast to get a feel as to the type of content they share.


By this I’m asking the question of how likely the podcast listeners are to actually engage or buy into what your brand is about. So to my earlier example if you choose to guest on a podcast with a large female audience because you sell beauty products, how likely are listeners to consider trying your product or connect with you to learn more about what you offer?

If for instance your product is body glitter you may not find women really interested in what you offer on a christian podcast for older women. Their conversion to check out or buy your product will likely be low.


There are so many great podcasts around the globe but you would want to share your business in areas that people can really connect with you or your product.

Again to our earlier example, if the beauty products provider finds a podcast with a younger female listenership in Asian or American countries but the products are only available in Europe, then there might be a lack of interest in the listeners wanting to connect with the product. A better strategy would be to target podcasts with young female listeners in European countries.

If of course the business has plans to expand into Asian or American companies then the strategy makes sense to build awareness in these locations in readiness for a launch. But be sure to inform listeners of this so that they stay tuned.

Again you can request all of these statistics from the podcast host.


It’s great to find a podcast with a listener base that consists of your ideal customers. When you do find one, it’s your chance to really get your message across and an opportunity to sell.

As of today people do not really consume podcast content because they want to buy, they listen to podcasts to get more insight into new ideas, to learn something or be entertained.

So when you finally get your chance to guest on a podcast, bear this in mind. An approach might be to pick a topic around your product that listeners would be interested in.

The beauty care provider might choose to talk about “the best red carpet looks from the 2020 brit awards and how to achieve that look” then in between talking mention a lipstick, eyeshadow, concealer etc in their product line that can achieve the look.

The goal really is to sell without it coming across that are you selling unless you are explicitly asked to.


I know a lot of people hate it when there is reference to numbers of followers or listeners on content but let’s face it, what are the chances of our beauty care provider getting any customers from a podcast with a handful of listeners?

Yes, we don’t always focus on the now because the podcast could become bigger in the future and just might have more listeners tune in to your episode. But sadly there are a lot of podcasts out there that do not get to this point.

If you want to get more return from your guest episode you should consider the size of the listener base and again the podcast host can share this with you. There are also podcast charts coming on the scene like Chartable that have this sort of information. Of course if the beauty care provider is just starting out, a podcast with a small amount of listeners would be enough to get started but as the business grows it would make more sense to target a podcast with more listeners.

So these are a few things to consider as you reach out to podcast hosts for guesting. Let us know in the comments if there is anything else you review when looking to get more customers by guesting on a podcast.


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