You’ve probably heard somewhere that to be successful in business, what you offer to the market should be focused on filling the need of your ideal customer in an area that you are passionate about.  I think we can all agree on the importance of filling a need but how much emphasis should we put into finding that something we are passionate about?

Do we really need to be passionate about something to successfully run a business? How do we identify our passion?  And if we don’t have one, can a passion be developed into a business idea? What if I’m multi passionate, how do I determine if all of my passions are strong enough to work into a business plan? 

Carly Ann is  a transformation coach and mindset expert. She teaches how to follow your fire, hush your inner critic and ignite your purpose. 

She also coaches women to establish a brand new relationship with themselves, unlock their confidence, identify the dream and break down barriers. 

Carly shares her views on how to develop your passion and follow it to be successful in business. The conversation is a must listen if you are trying to fire up your passion then follow the fire to reaching your potential and not get in your own way as you thread a path towards achieving your goals.

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Dee: I read somewhere that in business, if you put your passion before market demands, you are more likely to end up driving an Uber rather than a Maserati. How true is this? Is it really as important as it’s hyped up to be that at the core of every successful business is something the founder is very passionate about?

Carly: I think we have to think about what is passion. And it’s really just thinking about what makes you feel good. It doesn’t have to be one passion in our lives. So I think the first thing is really around pairing up what we mean around that. There is a lot of pressure these days with following the passion and finding your purpose and all of these things.

[listen to the complete discussion by playing the podcast episode below]

Dee: How can we identify our passion in order to drive it towards our potential and a successful business? Can we develop a passion if we don’t have one?

Carly: So I always meet people who are really struggling to find that passion and really struggling to find that purpose. Quite often though, what I find is because there’s just some core work that needs to be done first the inner critic, the self doubt are so strong that what’s happening is they are not in the position at this moment to be saying, “these are my dreams”.

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Dee: When that voice in our head starts to tell us we’re reaching too far, getting too ambitious and going beyond our capability. How do we identify this imposter voice and what can we do to hush it?

Carly: I think that voice is going to come on the journey with us anyway. This is your inner fear. It’s job really is to try and keep you playing small.

“I’m scared that we’re going to fail”. “I’m scared that people are going to laugh”. “I’m scared that I’m not good enough to do it, so let’s just stay small”. Your inner critic is going to pull out all the stops to get you to stay where you are. That’s where the imposter syndrome really grows because it’s throwing everything at you.

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[listen to the complete discussion by playing the podcast episode below]


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