Fashion is said to be a top environmental polluting industry. For consumers to continue enjoying this medium of expression, Revival London does it part in making fashion more sustainable by reducing its negative impact on our environment.

Founder Rosette Ale launched Revival in order to solve the problem of textile waste and pollution in the industry. She tells TSG “Tonnes of fabric scraps and clothing are sent to landfills every year and our planet isn’t coping well

As a thrifty fashion blogger, Rosette reworks garments and makes small adjustments to items bought from charity shops . She is a thrifty blogger who enjoys sharing her projects with readers who love reading about her latest bargain and customisation tips. Rosette studied for a Fashion Diploma in which there was a deconstruction reconstruction project and that was when she had the lightbulb moment to start a brand which involved taking old clothes apart and redesigning them.

Revival London products are stocked on the brand’s website and plans are in flight to stock in stores across the country next year. The business will also offer a service that allows clients bring their own garments in to be redesigned.

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