Active people are energized to  think smart and work smart

An active lifestyle increases your chances of a healthy life. When you make staying active part of your daily life, you’re energised, more alert, you do better at work and you become more confident.

Many of us spend our days in the workplace sat in on meeting after meeting, hour after hour . Long periods of sitting is said to lead to an increased risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer. The World Health Organization even lists inactivity as the fourth biggest risk factor for global adult mortality,

Here are some ways to incorporate some activity into your work life depending on if you have an office for your business or work from home.

  • Walk or Cycle to work
  • Drive at least part of the way to work or try parking your car further away from the entrance
  • Volunteer for the coffee run
  • Start an office fitness challenge
  • Have standing meetings
  • Walk across the hall to talk to a coworker instead of sending an email
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Take a longer, roundabout way to your desk
  • If schedule permits, try going for a run or take a long walk during lunchtime.

Healthy habits also go a long way in keeping you fit

Sit right

You probably spend more time at your desk than any place other than your bed. So when you’re sitting in front of it, it’s important to do it properly. Adjust your chair height so that your feet are flat on the floor and your knees and arms are at a 90-degree angle. Adjust your computer screen so that your eyes are even with the top edge. Angle the screen so it’s tilted slightly upward toward your eyes.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

Taking the stairs looks a lot less appealing when you’re in towering high heels or a stiff suit. If you must, have some comfy shoes around and perhaps a lighter wear under the stiff suit to help you move around easier.


When you sit for an extended period of time, your body and mind falls asleep. Occasionally, you get up for a walk or a stretch. This will wake you up and get the blood flowing through your body (and your brain).

Messy Desk

An unkempt work area can cause stress and lead to inefficiency. Furthermore, your desk, phone, and computer are notorious for harboring germs. Once each week, clean your workspace with antibacterial wipes. Organize your desk in a way that minimizes strain on your body, and keep things in their place. If you need help, look around the office at coworkers’ desks, and ask them for tips.

Relax, Look on the bright side and Make your health a priority

When you are chasing a day full of meetings your stress levels are probably sky-high and stress has a terrible impact on your health and wellbeing. Therefore one of the best things you can do to stay healthy and fit is to learn how to relax.

Healthy people are more optimistic than unhealthy people. They don’t waste time and energy complaining. If they think they need to make a change in their life, they do it. They know that a positive mental attitude goes a long way toward promoting other healthy behaviors in their lives

Heathy people make a conscious effort to be healthy in especially busy or stressful times, it’s easy to let life get ahead of you.

Achieving healthy habits while at work is a mind game. Overcome your personal discouragements, believe in yourself, and take it one step at a time into a heathier, energized and more productive new you.


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